Thursday, April 28, 2011

25 random things :)

1.)I'm a major band geek
2.) People interest me, their personalities the way they live and all that stuff
3.)I'm a nerd
4.)I'm addicted to facebook
5.) I love music and my flute
6.)I'm really quiet until you get to know me then you wish I was quiet :)
7.) I dont really hate anyone just dislike
8.)My favorite band is all time low
9.)I'm a dreamer and I dont plan on coming down anytime soon :)
10. I try and be happy smile and laugh all the time
11.)I'm a golden buff all the way :)
12.) Ohio state is the best college ever
13.)I'm a really random person
14.) Im ocd and add and adhd
15.)I'm amazed by love
16.) I love writing
17.) I can be really shy but I can also be really outgoing
18.)I always love making new friends and I want to be friends with pretty much everyone I meet :)
19.) I dont like my frist name so I go by alex or alexandra
20.) I live for my viola piano(Keyboard) and especially my flute
21.)I watch A LOT of tv
22.) I dont eat a lot cause I'm really picky
23.) my best friends are like family and i dont really get along with my family
24.) Ive always wanted a big sister or brother
25.) I love debate and forensics :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FRIDAY!!!! Sorta?

Hahaha lol so its thursday but we dont have school tomorrow. So glad for the weekend I get to hang out with some of my bestest friends and super excited :) and easter this weekend so easter dinner with family and maybe the neighbors. there will be a lot of freddy's and McAlisters and a lo time with friends so Im so excited :) and 21 ddays left of school including finals which i have to take but still almost done with freshman year :)